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BRAKE CHECK 3700 Lamar - 3700 N. Lamar, Austin, TX 78705
Located at 38th and Lamar 512-459-1334

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OPEN: MON - SAT: 7:30am - 6pm • SUN: 9am - 5pm

At Brake Check, our open shop policy doesn’t stop at our doors.

Every customer at brake check gets to rate their service while checking out and we post every store’s results daily. The star rating you see is what people who went to your local Brake Check in the last 30 days have to say about us. Just one more way we’re making brake, oil and alignment service more transparent for everyone.


"Brake" Out Reviews

  • “This place is phenomenal!!! I don’t normally say that about repair shops because they are always trying to rip someone off. However, after visiting this place, I’m never going anywhere else. Number 1:Pulling in to this place, my car sounded like I was dragging Robo-Cops dead body underneath my car. They were honestly my last hope and I figured I would spending $500 if not more due to my extreme procrastination resulting in metal on metal braking. Number 2: the guy who answered the phone was extremely knowledgable about my service questions. He pretty much knew what I needed before he even looked at my car. Number 3: they closed at 6pm and they still took me at 5:45pm without question. Number 4: the guys working are so freaking nice it threw me for a loop. If you are looking for a legit place with good people and great prices…this is the place for you.”

    Radiance B. - Yelp Review Rating: ***** (5)
  • “These guys are awesome. They will take care of you!! My car overheated and something under the hood exploded while I was driving home from work, and I pulled up to this garage crying after they were already closed on a Friday night. They waved me in, took a look at my car, and pulled it into the garage for the night. I am a young girl in college, and they even offered me a ride back to my apartment. I told them that my roommate was on her way to get me, and they waited 45 minutes after they closed on a Friday to make sure that I got picked up safely!!! They were great with communication to me, as well as my dad (who lives in Dallas) everything that was going on under the hood, the costs of repairs, etc. My car was good as new the next morning on Saturday. The Brake Check team took great care of not only my car, but they also took care of me. I highly recommend them!!!”

    Jenna C. - Yelp Review Rating: ***** (5)
  • “I really appreciate the honesty and integrity of the employees at this Brake Check. They understand being on a budget and will work with you to prioritize necessary work. I would like to mention how impressed I am with Gerald, the store manager. He has helped me with both of my vehicles…he takes the time to ensure all of my problems are properly diagnosed and addressed for the lowest cost possible. I would highly recommend coming here…for a quick oil change, a brake repair, or any other mechanical problems you might have.”

    Amy P. - Yelp Review Rating: ***** (5)

We Do It Right :
Brakes • Oil • Alignment • Shocks & Struts

Brake inspections always free, highest quality parts at every day low prices, and REAL lifetime warranties.

Free 2-minute Hawkeye alignment and lifetime alignment warranty. With a lifetime alignment warranty we’ll check your alignment at every oil change and make any needed adjustments for just a $2.70 documentation fee.

$10 off your first oil change and every 4th oil change is free, even on synthetic and diesel. Plus, save the life of your engine and your tires with our lifetime alignment guarantee.

Book your appointment with us online and save up to 20%, or call us at 512-459-1334.