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BRAKE CHECK 1505 N. Loop West - 1505 N. Loop West, Houston, TX 77008
Located at Loop 610 @ Ella 713-861-9231

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OPEN: MON - SAT: 7:30am - 6pm • SUN: 9am - 5pm

At Brake Check, our open shop policy doesn’t stop at our doors.

Every customer at brake check gets to rate their service while checking out and we post every store’s results daily. The star rating you see is what people who went to your local Brake Check in the last 30 days have to say about us. Just one more way we’re making brake, oil and alignment service more transparent for everyone.


"Brake" Out Reviews

  • “I recently went to brake check to have some squeaky brakes replaced and ended up having a very positive experience! I was worried they would try to up sell me and pressure me into spending a lot of unnecessary money, like other auto shops and dealerships. So, I was upfront with the employee and said I wanted the most affordable option they had because I am selling my car with in the year. I can’t remember the name of the man who assisted me but I do remember how attentive and understanding he was. He gave me an excellent price and didn’t make me feel like I was being cheap haha. I managed to drive out paying less than $150 and more importantly….with a safer vehicle! The entire process itself took about 1.5 – 2 hours and I got there around noon on a Sunday so I recommend getting their early! It remained busy though out my wait. Thanks brake check!”

    Aelena L. - Yelp Review Rating: ***** (5)
  • “I have been going to this location for many years and never had a problem.
    I think the technicians are top notch and experienced.  I like that they specialize in brakes.  I had my rear brakes changed and they visually showed me how the rotors where within guide3lines so just a resurface was needed.  Car is 2004 and could easily have talked me into replacement.  I also like the fact that technical students get to learn and train under the experts that have been there 7-9 years. I would recommend this place!”

    Jorge S. - Yelp Review Rating: ***** (5)
  • “Now let me just say, sometimes it’s easy to feel pushed around and taken advantage of as a young woman receiving any services that are automobile related–HOWEVER this was not the case at this Brake Check. I do know a little about cars (especially my car) and know that even routine ‘repairs’ can be costly for a MINI, but even if I was less knowledgeable I would’ve found it hard to feel like this crew was taking advantage of me. I will definitely be back!”

    Questella A. - Yelp Review Rating: ***** (5)

We Do It Right :
Brakes • Oil • Alignment • Shocks & Struts

Brake inspections always free, highest quality parts at every day low prices, and REAL lifetime warranties.

Free 2-minute Hawkeye alignment and lifetime alignment warranty. With a lifetime alignment warranty we’ll check your alignment at every oil change and make any needed adjustments for just a $2.70 documentation fee.

$10 off your first oil change and every 4th oil change is free, even on synthetic and diesel. Plus, save the life of your engine and your tires with our lifetime alignment guarantee.

Book your appointment with us online and save up to 20%, or call us at 713-861-9231.