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Austin Brake Check other services for Your Car or Truck that are required for safe operation. We Do It Right The First Time

Other Auto Services

Did you know that at Brake Check we do more than check brakes? We can take care of just about all your automotive service needs. Take a look at this list of our most common services and call or come in for a FREE inspection.

Air Filters

Most vehicle service maintenance schedules recommend changing engine air and cabin air filters every 15,000. At Brake Check, we check your Air Filters during every oil change and always offer free inspections.

Cabin Air Filter

The importance of the cabin air filter is to keep the air that circulates throughout the interior of your vehicle clean. This can help eliminate small particles and odor from circulating through your vehicles cabin. Ultimately, a cabin air filter helps make the air you breathe in your car a lot cleaner and healthier.

Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter helps protect your engine from dust, bugs, and other debris from entering your engine. It allows your engine to breathe more easily. If you neglect changing your air filter, the debris that collects on it can decline engine performance.


With our FREE battery-life tester, you should never get stuck with a dead battery again. We can show you exactly how much battery-life you have left and we stock Continental premium batteries in all our stores so you won't have to wait if you need to get yours replaced. Plus, we offer FREE installation and a 2 year FREE-replacement warranty. Check out our battery replacement page for more information.

Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses should be check regularly, usually coinciding with your regular oil change intervals, and most are recommended for replacement every 60,000 miles.

Brake Fluid Bleed & Flush

We will always inspect your brake fluid during a FREE brake inspection, but most people only think about it every 3-4 years when they come in for a full brake repair. Manufacturer maintenance schedule actually call for brake fluid replacement every 24,000, so it's a good idea to work this service in when you get your FREE oil change through BrakeChecker Rewards where every fourth oil change is free. For more information about this rewards program, visit the BrakeChecker Rewards page.


Everyone knows, if you want it done right, go to Brake Check. Visit our brake repair page to see how we can offer the BEST everyday low prices, the BEST quality parts, the BEST lifetime warranties, the BEST service experience and the BEST discount offer in town! Save up to 20% off labor when you book your appointment online.

CV Boots and Axles

CV Boots hold grease that lubricates the drive axles on front wheel drive vehicles. When a boot tears or cracks from age, wear or road hazards, the grease flies out as the axle spins and damage to the axle soon begins. Drive axles are located on the underside of the vehicle, so damaged boots can go unnoticed. So come in and we can do a FREE inspection of your entire front-end and undercarriage. When you book an appointment online, you can save 15% off labor for all front-end work, including CV boots and axle replacement.

Differential Service

Each vehicle is different, so we can't give a recommended service interval for this service. However, call or come in and we can inspect your front-end, alignment and undercarriage for FREE and look up all relevant maintenance items for your specific vehicle.

Fuel Filter

Your vehicle's fuel filter is essential in reducing debris from entering the fuel. If you periodically replace the fuel filter, that will help decrease the chance or incurring a filter-related problem down the road.

Fuel Induction

Read more about Fuel Inductions on our Check Engine page.

Headlight/Brake light Replacement

It is common for your headlight or brake lights to dim overtime. This can decrease your visibility while driving – especially on dark roads or through bad weather conditions. This can make your trip difficult and even dangerous. Upgrade your vehicles' headlights to give you ultra night vision.
SLYVANIA SilverStar® headlights can provide you up to 50% brighter and whiter light than your standard halogen lights. Improve your visibility and safety today!

Oil & Filter Change

Learn about these services on our Oil Change page.

Oxygen Sensors

A great majority of vehicles have an oxygen sensor. The sensor is used to detect the oxygen mixture to determine what the air-to-fuel ratio. A “perfect” ratio is determined by the amount of hydrogen and carbon found in a given amount of fuel. If the ratio is not “perfect”, it is labeled as one of two mixtures: rich or lean. A rich mixture means there is less air than the established “perfect ratio”. Rich mixtures aren't good because the unburned fuel creates pollution. A lean mixture means there is more air than the perfect ratio, which means there is too much oxygen. A lean mixture may cause poor performance and can damage the engine.

The system relays the data to the engine management computer. This helps to reduce the amount of emissions produced. If you oxygen sensor fails, the engine management computer will be unable to sense the air-to-fuel ratio and makes its own assumption of the ratio. This can relate in your vehicle having a lower performance.

Repack Wheel Bearing

Your vehicle's wheel bearings are an important element of your vehicle's suspension. You might start noticing a noisy drive, vibrating suspension, or difficult steering control. These could be symptoms that your bearings need to be looked at. Your bearings are protected by oil seals to help prevent dirt and debris from damaging the bearing. However, sometimes the oil seals fail which will cause the debris to find its way to the bearing. Another factor of bearing problems is overall wear. You can maintain your bearings and prolong the life of them by routinely having them repacked with bearing grease.

Shocks and Struts

Read more at our page.

Spark Plugs

The spark plug is connected between two coils that that transfer an electrical current between the coils to “spark” or ignite the engine. If you have a spark plug that goes out, you won't have a car to go anywhere!

Starters / Alternators

What generates most of the electricity in your vehicle is not the battery, but the alternator. The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It sends power to essential parts of your vehicle like the headlights, the engine fan, ignition coils and various parts of the fuel injection system. It also powers non-essential, but still very important parts like the radio and air conditioning system. It's important to have your alternator checked regularly because it's not always readily apparent when it fails. It can fail in stages and even when it goes out completely, your battery will take over for a short period of time. The starter does the opposite of the alternator. It changes electrical energy into mechanical energy. The starter uses the electricity from the car battery to start the crankshaft turning, and that gets your vehicle going.

Steering and Suspension

Having your steering and suspension serviced is important not only for repairs, but can help as an effort to prolong the life of your tires. This component of your vehicle controls the stability of your driving control, and without proper maintenance, suspension system can weaken overtime.

Tire Balance and Rotation

Learn more at our page.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Sometimes, in Texas, we don't see much rain. But when we do, it's important to have good-working wiper blades. If you are noticing signs of streaking, squeaking, smearing, splitting, or chattering, it's time for new blades. At Brake check, we sell Michelin Wiper Blades for all vehicles. Better vision equals safer driving.