We’ve designed our warranties to be as up front and easy to understand as possible. Our goal is to provide so much value that you will wonder why anyone would take their car anywhere else.

"Braking" It Down...


Our OPTEVE brand lifetime pad warranty means that once you pay for a set of Opteve brake pads or shoes, you never pay for Opteve pads again, for as long as you own your vehicle. Whether you drive a foreign, domestic, passenger, luxury car, or truck; you only pay a labor charge per axle for as long as you own that vehicle. Additionally, any Opteve hardware or spring kits purchased is also covered (for Free, no labor charge).


Any new, remanufactured or rebuilt part installed by Brake Check is covered by our limited warranty, for the first 4,000 miles or 90 days after installation (whichever comes first) at any Brake Check center when all recommended work is completed at the time of sale. If all recommended work is not done at time of purchase, Brake Check will cover the replacement of all Brake Check stocking parts as long as (labor) cost is paid to Brake Check Service centers. All non-stocking parts will be covered by the manufacturers warranty. High-performance brake parts, rack and pinions, and ABS electronics are excluded, but are covered by any manufacturer’s limited warranty.


All warranties are void if repairs are made on Brake Check warranted parts or labor by anyone other than an authorized Brake Check center. Payment by customer of all monies for work performed by Brake Check is a condition precedent to Brake Check honoring any warranty herein.


All warranties, except those specifically provided above are expressly disclaimed for damage resulting from abusive treatment, pre-existing defective parts, parts not serviced by Brake Check, and conditions resulting from non-compliance with reporting, monitoring and maintenance procedures recommended by Brake Check. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect and become accustomed to any new system and to constantly monitor such and report any dissatisfaction to any Brake Check center. Any and all implied warranties are expressly disclaimed including, but not limited to, any and all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness, fitness for a particular purpose, or services being performed in a good and workmanlike manner.


Customer fully acknowledges and understands that all provisions and conditions herein apply to the purchase from Brake Check of the products and installation services listed on the Repair Order, except as expressly stated in this agreement, there are no warranties, express or implied, of the products or installation services furnished under this agreement. The customer’s sole remedy for liability or any kind with respect to the products or installation services furnished under this agreement and all other performance by Brake Check under or pursuant to this agreement or with respect to customers’ use of the product, including negligence, shall be limited to the remedy provided in the paragraph above, and shall in no event include any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages or loss of usage, revenue, or profit even if Brake Check has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
In no event shall Brake Check’s liability for damages with respect to any of the products or installation services furnished under this agreement exceed the charges previously paid by the customer to Brake Check for such products or installation services. Customers’ exclusive and sole remedy for any breach of this agreement is repair or replacement of only defective parts famished by Brake Check, which have been returned to an authorized Brake Check center at the customer’s expense. It is expressly agreed between the customer and Brake Check that the remedy of repair and replacement is the exclusive and sole remedy of the customer. This section does not create any warranties. This section only provides a remedy for those warranties which are set forth above.