Brakes Done Right

We inspect your brakes for free and we’ll never sell you a packaged brake job. We only fix what you need fixed on a part by part basis so you don’t pay for anything that’s not right for you or your vehicle.

Unlike other shops, we have an open shop policy. That means we’ll take you in the bay and show you what’s wrong with your car and what parts are still in good shape before you commit to buy anything.

We’re also the home of the REAL Lifetime Brake Warranty. Meaning you won’t pay for brake parts again as long as you own your vehicle.

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Factory Direct Brake Parts.

Our direct sourced OPTEVE brake parts give you the highest quality parts at the best price. We design our brake parts to give you as good or better original equipment quality and design for all makes and models. We also stock more parts than any store so we can give you faster service on a wide variety of makes and models. OPTEVE brakes are additionally designed to avoid squeaky brakes and irritating brake dust.

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Brake Parts Simplified

1. Brake Fluid

Moisture contaminates the brake fluid over time and causes a lower boiling point, possibly leading to brake failure

2. Caliper

Smooth rotor surface helps to eliminate squeaking and ensures effective performance

3. Rotor Surface

Smooth rotor surface helps
to eliminate squeaking and
ensures effective performance

4. Brake Pad Hardware /Shoe Spring Kits

Over time worn hardware/spring kits can cause pads/shoes to slip and squeak.

5. Friction Material

Pads/shoes wear down causing squealing and possible damage to rotors/drums.

Lifetime Brake Pad and Rotor Warranty.

At Brake Check, we do lifetime service right. We offer lifetime warranties on a number of the parts and services we offer, including brakes; and when we say lifetime, we mean lifetime. You won’t find any “terms and conditions may apply” fine print at the bottom of this page. Once you have Brake Check lifetime pad guarantee, you’ll never pay for those pads again as long as you own your vehicle. That warranty extends to rotors and hardware as well. Buy the part once and you’ll never pay for it again. When we say we want to make customers for life, we put our money where our mouth is!