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Brake Check brake disc pads and drum shoes on makes of cars, sport utility vehicles, and trucks for Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi and San Antonio Texas
Pads and Shoes

Brake pads work with disc brakes while brake shoes work with drum brakes, but both serve the function of pressing against a moving surface to slow your car. Brake Check carries a wide variety of high quality pads and shoes for all makes and models of car. We can tell you which you need and when to change them to keep your brakes working at their peak performance.

Brake Check branded brake drums and rotors for all makes of cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi Texas
Brake Rotors and Drums

Depending on your vehicle, you may have brake drums, rotors, or both. They serve as the contact surface for your brake pads and shoes and can be worn down over time to the point that they don’t provide an adequate surface to grip. Brake Check can inspect your brake rotors and drums to make sure they are in perfect working order and suggest either replacement or resurfacing if they’re not.

Brake Check branded brakes hardware and springs for service appointments in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi Texas
Hardware Spring Kit

Springs are essential to the proper functioning of any drum brake system. Springs allow the brake shoe to return quickly to its resting position after brake pressure is released. Brake Check can replace these springs when they wear out.

Caliper Maintenance

Brake calipers grip the pads that apply pressure to your brake discs in order to slow and stop your car. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your calipers in good working condition. Brake Check can inspect your calipers and suggest recommended maintenance.

Brake Check highly trained prefesionals provide top notch brake repair service found in San Marcos do not chose just brakes average mechanics
Brake Fluid Bleed & Flush

Brake Check will always inspect your brake fluid during a FREE brake inspection, even though most folks only think about it every 3-4 years when they are getting a full brake repair. Manufacturer maintenance schedules call for brake fluid replacement every 24,000 miles.

San Antonio Brake Check repair service job brake specialists are highly trained and will work circles around just brakes mechanics
Thorough Brake Inspections

Once Brake Check has started on your repairs, we conduct a thorough inspection of the braking system's balance. We go above and beyond to make sure all components are in proper working condition, so you won't have any performance issues down the road.

For differential service, repair, and replace Brake Check stores located in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and Harker Heights Texas
Differential Service

During brake service we'll inspect your axle seals and let you know if they're beginning to leak or wearing out.


ABS, or anti-lock braking systems, protect your car from going into an uncontrolled skid in slick conditions like rain or ice. They do this by rapidly applying and releasing pressure on the brakes so that they don’t lock the wheels up, sending your car into a slide. Brake Check can make sure that your anti-lock braking system is working correctly and repair any damage or malfunctions.

Master Cylinder

A brake master cylinder controls the hydraulic braking system in your car by transmitting the pressure from your foot on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure in your brake lines. Brake Check can inspect your master cylinder and recommend necessary repairs or replacement to keep your brake system running smoothly.

Power Booster

Exactly what its name suggests, the power booster is responsible for amplifying the pressure from your foot on the brake pedal into the amount of pressure required to activate the master cylinder and the braking system as a whole. Brake Check can repair or replace a damaged or aging power booster to ensure maximum responsiveness from your brake pedal.


Usually the only fully mechanical brake on any modern car, the E-brake serves as both your everyday parking brake and as a last line of defense to stop your car if the hydraulic braking system fails. Brake Check can give you peace of mind by ensuring that your E-brake is in perfect working order.

Brake Lines

Your brake lines carry the pressurized hydraulic fluid which connects your brake pedal to the brakes themselves. Brake Check can check these lines for wear and tear and either repair or replace them as needed to ensure that you can always count on having full control of your brakes when you need them most.