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We measure your vehicle’s alignment with pinpoint accuracy in less than 2 minutes with the use of Hunter Engineering Company®’s cutting edge, award winning technology, designed and built in the USA.

We show you an easy-to-understand report of the alignment status and follow vehicle-specific procedures to efficiently complete the repair.

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Alignment FAQs:

What is an alignment?
An alignment is an adjustment to your vehicle’s suspension, ensuring all tires are properly angled with each other and with the road.

Why do you need one?
Hitting a pot hole or curb, getting into an accident and/or regular wear and tear can cause misalignment in your vehicle, which may lead to:
– Irregular Tire Wear
– Handling Problems
– A Crooked Steering Wheel

Even a small misalignment can cause your tires to wear our prematurely and ignoring these signs can make your alignment problems more expensive to address down the road.

How often should you get one?
Alignment needs may vary, but we recommend a FREE alignment quick check at every oil change.

Other Mechanical Parts Related to Misalignment
CV Axles

CV Boots hold grease that lubricates the drive axles on front wheel drive vehicles. When a boot tears or cracks from age, wear, or road hazards, the grease flies out as the axle spins. This causes major damage to the axle. The drive axles are located on the underside of the vehicle; so damaged boots often go unnoticed. Come in and we will do a FREE inspection of your suspension.

Shocks and Struts

Having your steering and suspension serviced is important not only for repairs, but can help as an effort to prolong the life of your tires. This component of your vehicle controls the stability of your driving control, and without proper maintenance, suspension system can weaken overtime.

Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends are a critical piece of your car’s steering system. They connect the steering rod that is turned by your steering wheel to the steering rack which connects your tires and applies the force to turn them. Brake Check can adjust or replace tie rod ends, keeping your steering functioning at 100% and aiding with wheel alignment.

Caster Camber Kits

Caster and camber describe the angle of your vehicle’s tires in relation to the road and to the vehicle. Caster and camber kits can be used to optimize your vehicle’s performance for your driving style. Brake Check offers a variety of caster and camber kits that can ensure you get the performance you need, whether It’s optimized for tight cornering or just for minimal tire wear.

Power Steering

Brake Check can inspect and repair power steering to keep it functioning normally, whether it be hydraulically activated or electric. If your steering wheel seems much more difficult to turn than usual, it is likely an issue with your power steering.